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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 19 [Issue 3]

Case Report

Congenital Fibrosis of Extraocular Muscles: A Case Report

Rahul Chaudhary , Prabha Sonwani, Suchita Singh

Management of a Bilateral Ectopia Lentis in a Patient with Marfan Syndrome: A Case Report

EL Filali El Mehdi , Zineb Algouti , Farah Benelkadri , Houssaine Aitlhaj , Mohamed Kriet , Fouad El Asri

Case Study

Exophthalmos Revealing Malignant Lymphoma

Z. Hazil, A. Krichen , I. Hasnaoui , S. Hassina , Y. Akannour , L. Seghini , Z. Hajji , B. Ouazzani , E. Abdallah

Clinical Insights into Bardet-biedl Syndrome and Retinitis Pigmentosa: A Case Report

Z.Hazil, N.Tebay, I.Hasnaoui, A.Krichen , Y.Akannour, L.Serghini, Z.Hajji, B.Ouazzani, E.Abdellah.

Original Research Article

Comparative Analysis of Life Satisfaction of Patients before and after Diagnosis of Eye Pathologies

Akunne Ijeoma Apakama, Arinze Anthony Onwuegbuna, Chidozie Edwin Nwafor, Chukwudi Charles Uzozie , Fidelis Nkama Isu , Arinze Emmanuel Onyekwe

Glaucoma (Eye Disease) and its Associated Diagnosis and Treatment Process: A Schematic Concise Review

Yash Srivastav, Bushra Taj, Jaya Singh, Sandhya Yadav, Mohd. Imtiyaz Ahmad

Clinical Image

Isolated Case Presentation on Phacolytic Uveitis

Z. Hazil, A. Krichen, N. Tebay, I. Hasnaoui, S. Hassina, Y. Akannour, L. Seghini, Z. Hajji, B. Ouazzani, E. Abdallah