2019 - Volume 10 [Issue 4]

Original Research Article

Anthropometric Parameters Affecting Ocular Axial Length in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

I. N. Aprioku, A. O. Adio, C. S. Ejimadu, B. Fiebai

DOI: 10.9734/or/2019/v10i430112

Page: 1-8

Orbital Abscess Drainage Using Intravenous Cannula: Technique and Advantages

Rachid Zerrouk, Adil Elkhoyaali, Wafae Akioud, Mehdi Khmamouche, Fouad Elasri, Karim Reda, Abdelbarre Oubaaz

DOI: 10.9734/or/2019/v10i430113

Page: 1-7

Comparison of Structural Defects between Optic Disc and Ganglion Cell Complex in Patients with Glaucoma

Ilias Georgalas, Sergios Taliantzis, Maria Kazaki, Eva Papaconstantinou, Elina Panagiotopoulou, Dimitris Papaconstantinou, Georgios Labiris

DOI: 10.9734/or/2019/v10i430114

Page: 1-7

Endophthalmitis: 5 Years Experience in a Tertiary Eye Care Center Mohammed V Military Medical Training Hospital

Rachid Zerrouk, Yassine Malek, Adil Elkhoyaali, Yassine Mouzari, Karim Reda, Abdelbarre Oubaaz

DOI: 10.9734/or/2019/v10i430115

Page: 1-7

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