Demographic Characteristics and Comorbidity Profiles in Patients with Senile Cataract

Tülay Karacan Erşekerci, Ali Kurt, Raşit Kılıç, Osman Ahmet Polat

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Ocular Pathologies in Children and Adolescents: Cataracts

Jennings Hernandez, Anjali Kumar

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Formulation and Evaluation of Pluronic F127 Thermosetting Gels Containing Atorvastatin Calcium as Novel Ophthalmic Delivery Systems

Germeen N. S. Girgis

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Bidimensional Spatial Distortion in Quadrantanopia Depends on the Cortical Damage and not on the Deprived Region in the Visual Field

Carlo Aleci, Federica Pira

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Comparing Refractive and Scheimpflug-image Based Parameters between Right and Left Eyes and between Dominant and Non-dominant Eyes Related to Handedness

Noémi Tóth, Adrienne Csutak, Ziad Hassan, Eszter Deák, Laszlo Modis Jr., Gabor Nemeth

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