Ophthalmic Findings and Their Effect on Visual Function in Persons with Albinism in Southern Nigeria

Ihunanya Ibanga, Chinyere N. Pedro-Egbe, Alfred A. Onua, Bassey Fiebai

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Pattern of Eye Disorders at the Ophthalmology Clinic of a Tertiary Health Facility in the Niger-delta Region: The Implications for Preventive Ophthalmology

Ireju O. Chukwuka, Chinyere N. Pedro-Egbe, Chibuike Sydney Ejimadu, Sotonibi A. H. Cookey, Alfred A. Onua, Damiete Elaine Briggs

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Changes in Intraocular Pressure and Anterior Chamber Depth after Phacoemulsification in Non-Glaucomatous Patients

Mona Abdallah, Omar M. Ali, Abd El-Nasser A. Mohammad, Wael Soliman

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Relationship between Road Traffic Accidents and Visual Status of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers in an Urban Area of Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

G. F. Pepple, Chibuike Sydney Ejimadu

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