Comparative Study of Anterior Chamber Angle and Depth Recorded with Pentacam and AS-OCT SD “Spectralis”

E. Pateras, N. Morogiannis

Page: 1-12
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Comparison of Recurrence Rate in Excision of Conjunctival Rhinosporidiosis Mass with and without Cauterization of Base: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Suchita Singh, Prabha Sonwani, M. Shrivastava

Page: 13-19
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Comparative Study of Corneal Thickness before and after FemtoLasik Surgery with Pentacam® AXL and Ultrasound Device (Tomey SP-100)

E. Pateras, E. Kontogeorgou

Page: 20-27
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Pattern of Preoperative Astigmatism in Patients in South East Nigeria as Determined by Biometry

A. Kalu, O.I Otuka, L. Eweputana, K. U. Nwachukwu, J. K. Ume

Page: 28-31
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Clues for the Diagnosis of Accommodative Excess and Its Treatment with a Vision Therapy Protocol

Carmelo Baños, Eneko Zabalo, Irene Sánchez

Page: 32-42
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